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== Getting started ==
Army History
*[ Central Soldiers Register]
Military Archives
*[[Swedish Military Records after 1885 for Family History Research|Military Records after 1885]]
*[[Sweden Military Timeline|Military Timeline]] *[[Swedish Military Genealogical Word List|Military Word List]]
*[ Central Soldier Database] Linköping University Electronic Press
*[[Swedish Naval Records for Family History Research|Naval Records]]
Organizational Structure
*[[Sweden Soldier Names|Soldier Naming Customs]]
==== Other Websites ==== * [ Introduktion till Släkforskning (see Soldater)]* [ Swedish Military History, Hans Högman]
Military records identify individuals who served in the military or who were eligible for service. Most young men in Sweden were required to serve in or register for military service. Evidence that an ancestor actually served may be found in family records, biographies, census, probate records, and church records.
The catalog lists regiments alphabetically. The regiment name appears in parentheses on the first line under the catalog heading.  If you know at least the name of the county from where the ancestor came, you can look in the Family History Library Category under the listings for '''SWEDEN '''and under the topic, "'''''Military Records'''''"  to see what kind of military records exist for each county.  Most counties will have a listing for each county regiment and the regiment will usually have the name of the county or province as the name of the regiment.  For example, in the case of Jönköping, Kalmar and Kristianstad counties, these three counties will be listed under the Småland regiment, which is the province to which all three counties belong.    
=== Military History ===
For information about the Swedish military wars and campaigns, see:
A brief and interesting history of the Swedish Military Archives is found in:
<u>''The Royal Military Archives''</u>. Stockholm, Sweden: krigsarkivet, 1984 (Värnamo: Fälths tr). ('''Family History LibrearyLibrary&nbsp;book {{FHL|948.5 A1|disp=948.5 A1}} #67'''.)
Military histories are listed in the FamilySearch Catalog under:
=== Military Records of Genealogical Value ===
Military records generally contain soldiers' names but little other genealogical information. The following sources may provide information on your ancestor especially if he was an officer:
<u>''Soldier's Register'' [ Central Soldier Register]</u>
 [[Category:Military_Records by Country]] [[Category:Swedish Military Records]]
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