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| width="10%" | <center>[[Puerto Rico Census| Census Records]] </center>
| width="15%" | <center>See Wiki page</center>
| width="75%" | Census records from 1910 onward and the Social Populations Schedule for 1935-1936 give family order in the household, sex and ages of all individuals, where born and other personal details. Many times these are estimated, so other sources need to be checked to verify accuracymarital status.
| width="10%" | <center>[[Puerto Rico Emigration and Immigration| Immigration and Naturalization Records]] </center>
| width="15%" | <center><u>[ Immigration and Naturalization FS Collection] </u></center>
| width="75%" | The naturalization records give name of spouse and sometimes names of children, birth information, parents' names, and physical description.
| width="10%" | <center>[[Puerto Rico Compiled Genealogies| Puerto Rico Genealogies]] </center>
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