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<td style="border:1px solid lightgrey; padding:10px">Links</td>
<td style="border:1px solid lightgrey; padding:10px">[[File:VE Internal Link.PNG|300px|right]]* Click the "Edit", highlight tab.* Highlight the text you want to make either an internal or external link, then click the link icon. * Note: the text you highlighted is displayed in the search box.* Select either the '''FamilySearch Wiki''' tab to create an internal link or the '''External site''' tab to create an external link.* The following drop down menu appears. ''(Note: this menu might list possible links you may want to use depending on what you highlighted.)''
'''Internal links'''
*"Search pages" tab is for selecting links to articles within In the search box, enter the Wikiarticle name. Suggested * If you don't know the article name, enter a keyword and a list of suggested articles might will be showndisplayed. Otherwise, enter name of Click on the article to which you want to link to. * Note: ''(No unlike the wikitext editor, you need NOT enter double square brackets required as with Wikitext codingaround the article name.)''<br><br>
'''Section of a page with Internal links'''
*If you want to link to a particular place on a page rather than the whole page, place a pound sign (#) after the title of the article and the exact name of the header as entered on the page after the pound sign. For example: McDonald County, Missouri Genealogy#County Courthouse. Again, no double square brackets are required as in wikitext. This option does not seem to be functional at this time (9/19/2016).<br><br>
'''External links'''
[[File:VE External Link.PNG|300px|right]]
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