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* Highlight the text you want to make into a link, then click the '''link icon'''.
* ''Note: the text you highlighted is displayed in the search box.''
* Select either the '''FamilySearch Wiki''' tab to create an <u>internal link </u> or the '''External site''' tab to create an <u>external link</u>.
* Click on the ''FamilySearch Wiki'' tab.
* Enter the article title into the search box.
* Place a pound sign ('''#''') immediately after the article title.* Directly following the pound sign, add the "exact" '''header name for that section on the page''' you to which you desire to link. * Click '''Done''' and save your changes. * For example: McDonald County, Missouri Genealogy<font color="blue">#County Courthouse</font color>.* Click '''Done''' and save your changes.
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