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==Save changes ==
<!--detailed explanation of items on VisualEditor toolbar------------------------------------------->
<table style="width:100%; border:1px solid lightgrey">
<td style="border:1px solid red;width:10px;padding:10px">
<div style="display:flex; align-items:center; justify-content:center; height:40px; border:1px solid red; color:white; background-color:lightgray;">Save changes...</div></td>
<td style="border:1px solid lightgrey; padding:10px;width:10px">Save changes</td>
<td style="border:1px solid lightgrey; padding:10px">[[File:VE Save Changes.PNG|300px|right]]
*When you click "'''Save changes...'''" on the Visual Editor tool bar, the panel to the right appears.
*Enter a short descriptive summary of your changes into the "Summary" box.
*To review your changes, click on the '''Review your changes''' button on the bottom left corner of the panel.
*To save your page, click on the '''Save changes''' button on the top right corner of the panel.
*To cancel out of a page without saving, click the "'''X'''" on the top left corner of the page.
*To exit a page without saving, click the '''Read''' button on the Page toolbar.
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