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| FS_URL_04 = [[Step-by-Step North Carolina Research, 1880-Present|Step-by-Step Research]]
| FS_URL_05 = [[North Carolina, United States Genealogy|North Carolina Genealogy]]
| FS_URL_06 = [[Confederate Pension North Carolina Military Records]] | FS_URL_07 = [[North Carolina Military Recordsin the Civil War]] | FS_URL_08 = [[North Carolina in the Civil WarBegin a search for confederate records]]| FS_URL_09 = [ Historical Records NARA Compiled Service Records[Locating a Confederate Civil War Soldier (1861–1865)]] | FS_URL_10 = [[North Carolina Archives and LibrariesConfederate Pension Records]]| FS_URL_11 =[[Confederate Service Records]]| FS_URL_12 =[[Confederate Soldiers Home Records]]| FS_URL_13 =[[Confederate Unit Histories]]| FS_URL_14 =[[Confederate Veterans and Lineage Society Records]]
| FS_URL_15 =
| RW_URL_01 = [ North Carolina State Library 1901 Confederate Pension Applications]
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