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| colspan="6" width="100%" bgcolor="#89c4fa" align="center" style="padding:10px" |<font color="#4f4f4f"> '''Lancashire Online Genealogy Records'''<br>
This table shows links to countrywide collections. It does not list collections for lower jurisdictions.
Some subscription websites listed below can be searched for free at a '''[ family history center or FamilySearch affiliate library.]''' </font>
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<p style="font-size:16px">'''[[Lancashire Civil Registration|Vital Records]]'''</p>
*{{RecordSearch|3154704|England, Cumbria Parish Registers, 1538-1990}}, index.
*[ Lancashire Baptisms, 1538-1917], index ($)
*[ Lancashire, England, Church of England Baptisms, Marriages and Burials, 1538-1812], index and images, ($)
*[ Lancashire, England, Selected Church of England Parish Registers, 1545-1812]Index Incomplete ($)
*{{RecordSearch|3656808|England, Lancashire Non-Conformist Church Records, 1647-1996}},index.
*[ Lancashire, England, Church of England Baptisms, Marriages and Burials, 1538-1812], index and images, ($).
*{{RecordSearch|1465701| England, Lancashire, Parish Registers 1538-1910}} Index Incomplete.

*[ Lancashire, England, Church of England Births and Baptisms, 1813-1911] Index Incomplete ($)
*[ Liverpool, England, Church of England Baptisms, 1813-1919] Index & images, ($)

*[ Lancashire Banns and Marriages, 1538-1932], index ($)
*{{RecordSearch|4149574|England, Lancashire, Marriage Bonds and Allegations, 1746-1799}}, index and images
*[ Lancashire, England, Church of England Marriages and Banns, 1754-1935] Index ($)
*[ Lancashire, England, Church of England Marriages and Banns, 1754-1936] Index ($)
*[ Lancashire Marriage Bonds 1648 - 1710] Index Incomplete.

*[ Lancashire Burials 1538-1991], Index ($)
*[ Lancashire, England, Church of England Deaths and Burials, 1813-1986] Index ($)
*[ Liverpool, England, Church of England Burials, 1813-1975] Index ($)

*[ Lancashire, England, Church of England Confirmations, 1856-1922] Index Incomplete ($)

<center>'''England Collections with Lancashire'''</center>
*[ FreeREG]
*[ FreeBMD Database]
*[ BMD Registers] The Official Non-Conformist and Non-Parochial BMDs Service
*[ England, Select Births and Christenings, 1538-1975] Index Only,($)
*{{RecordSearch|2285338| England and Wales Birth Registration Index, 1837-2008}} Index Only ($)
*[ England & Wales, Birth Index, 1916-2005] Index Only, ($)
*[ England & Wales, Marriage Index, 1916-2005] Index Only, ($)
*{{RecordSearch|1473015| England Marriages, 1538–1973}} Index Only.
*{{RecordSearch|2285732| England and Wales Marriage Registration Index, 1837-2005}} Index Only.
*{{RecordSearch|2285341| England and Wales Death Registration 1837-2007}} Index Only ($)
*[ England & Wales Births 1837-2006] Index Only. ($)
*[ England & Wales Marriages 1837-2008] Index Only ($)
*[ England & Wales Deaths 1837-2007] Index Only ($)


<center>'''Large Databases With Many Record Types'''</center>
*[ Online Parish Clerks County of Lancashire] Index Free

<span style="color: black">'''''Births'''''</span>

<span style="color: black">'''''Marriages'''''</span>

<span style="color: black">'''''Deaths '''''</span>

<span style="color: black">'''''Divorce'''''</span>

<p style="font-size:16px">[[Lancashire Cemeteries|'''Cemetery Records''']]</p>
*''See [[England Cemeteries|England Cemeteries]]''<br>
*[ Lancashire County Cemetery Records England] Index.

<p style="font-size:16px">'''[[Lancashire Census|Census]]'''</p>
*''See [[England Census|England Census]]''<br>

<p style="font-size:16px">[[Lancashire Church Records|'''Church Records''']]</p>
*''See [[England Church Records|England Church Records]]''<br>

<p style="font-size:16px">[[Lancashire Civil Registration|'''Civil Registration''']]</p>
*''See [[England Civil Registration|England Civil Registration]]''<br>

<p style="font-size:16px">[[Lancashire Compiled Genealogies|'''Compiled Genealogies''']]</p>

<p style="font-size:16px">[[Lancashire Court Records|'''Court and Criminal Records''']]</p>
*''See [[England Court Records|England Court Records]]''<br>
*[ Lancashire, England, Quarter Session Records and Petitions, 1648-1908] Index Incomplete ($)

<p style="font-size:16px">[[Lancashire Emigration and Immigration|'''Immigration Records''']]</p>
*''See [[England Emigration and Immigration|England Emigration and Immigration]]''<br>

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<p style="font-size:16px">[[Lancashire Land and Property|'''Land Records''']]</p>
*''See [[England Land and Property|England Land and Property]]''<br>

<p style="font-size:16px">[[Lancashire Military Records|'''Military''']]</p>
*''See [[England Military Records|England Military Records]]''<br>
*[ Lancashire, England, World War II Home Guard Records, 1940-1945], index & images ($)
*[;view=1up;seq=11 Roll of officers of the Old County Regiment of Lancashire Militia late 1st Royal Lancashire (The Duke of Lancaster's Own) now 3rd & 4th battalions the King's Own (Royal Lancaster) Regiment, from 1642 to 1889 corrected to May 1st, 1889] Index Incomplete.

<p style="font-size:16px">'''Nobility'''</p>
*''See [[England Nobility|England Nobility]]''<br>
*[ Lancashire, England Visitations, 1567], index, ($)

<p style="font-size:16px">[[Lancashire Periodicals|'''Periodicals''']]</p>
*[ PERiodical Source Index], index and images, ($)

<p style="font-size:16px">'''Poor Law'''</p>
*''See [[England Poor Law|England Poor Law]]''<br>
*[ Lancashire, England, Vagrant Passes, 1801-1835] Index Incomplete ($)

<p style="font-size:16px">[[Lancashire Probate Records|'''Probate Records''']]</p>
*''See [[England Probate Records|England Probate Records]]''<br>
*[ Lancashire Wills Proved At Richmond, 1457-1812] Index Incomplete ($)
*[ Lancashire Will Search 1538 onwards] Index Incomplete ($)

<p style="font-size:16px">[[Lancashire Taxation|'''Tax Records''']]</p>
*''See [[England Taxation|England Taxation]]''<br>

<p style="font-size:16px">[[Lancashire Voting Records|'''Voting Registers''']]</p>
*''See [[England Voting Records|England Voting Records]]''<br>

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