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[ ''The New South''] (1862-1866)  Printed in Port Royal and later Beaufort, SC.  Covers the period just before slavery ended and the beginning of Reconstruction.  Images can be read online.
===== Greenville County<br> =====
[ <u>''Greenville County Library System Obituary Index''</u>]&nbsp; 1916 through 1993.<br>
===== Richland County =====
====== Columbia,&nbsp; South Carolina<br> ======
The Richland County Public Library has <u>''The Palmetto Leader''</u>on microfilm.&nbsp;<u>''The Palmetto Leader''</u>was an African-American newspaper.&nbsp; It contains articles submitted by individuals and churches from many counties across the state.&nbsp; Only the obituaries have been indexed and the index is available online.
<br> [ Obituary Index] <br>This database contains obituary and death notice information from the Columbia, SC newspapers:
1. ''The State'' (1892-1928, 1940,1950-1955,1958-1979)<br>2. ''The Palmetto Leader ''(1925-1928, 1930, January-April 1931); Columbia's foremost African-American paper<br>  3. Obituary Index to ''The State'' for World War II servicemen killed in action (1941-1949)  Click here to access the index: [ Obituary Index]<br>  [ How to Find Obituaries in <u>''The State''</u>, ''<u>Columbia Record</u>'' and ''<u>Palmetto Leader</u>''] <br>  &nbsp;''<u>The Palmetto Leader</u>'' on microfilm covers more years than are actually indexed. It is a valuable source for those who had ancestors who attended Allen University, Benedict, and those who had ancestors who were active in AME, AME Zion, or Baptist churches.&nbsp; Even information about social engagements and relatives visiting from the North was documented.&nbsp; <br>  ===== Proven Strategy:&nbsp; ===== Select a time period for which your ancestor lived.&nbsp; Search the microfilmed record of <u>''The Palmetto Leader''</u> or local newspaper covering the lifespan of your ancestor.&nbsp; Look for birth marriage and death notices.&nbsp; Read all the articles which were generated in the county where your ancestor lived.&nbsp; Read the articles which give information about the church and schools your ancestor attended.&nbsp;      [[Category:South CarolinaSouth_Carolina]]
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