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This section describes repositories other than the Family History Library that can help you in your research. The Family History Library has copies of many but not all of the records at these archives.
Before you visit, contact the archive or library. Ask about their collection, hours, services, and fees. Send a well-worded letter of introduction and intent. This will increase your chances to use the records.
=== Archives in the Philippines ===
*[ National Archives Government Website]
=== Libraries in the Philippines ===
'''The National Census and Statistics Office (NCSO).''' The National Census and Statistics Office has the major civil records after 1932 and is currently responsible for all civil registration. Unfortunately, most documents from 1932 to 1945 were destroyed in World War II. Prior to 1974 the office was known as the Bureau of Census and Statistics.
Most vital records should be available at the Family History Library and Family History Centers. The microfilmed records include birth <br>certificates, death certificates, marriage contracts, and notarial records.
Employees of the Philippine National Census and Statistics Office will answer questions. Send family history inquiries to:
'''Office of the Civil Registrar General<br>'''National Statistics Office <br>EDSA Corner, Times Street <br>West Triangle, Quezon City 1104<br>Philippines<br>Telephone: 926-7373 <br>Fax: 926-7329&nbsp; <br>Email: []
'''Tanggapan Sa Pamamahala Ng Mga Kasulatan At Sinupan (Records Management and Archives Office).''' The Archive Division of the Records Management and Archives Office (Bureau of Records Management) at;has approximately 11,000,000 documents from the Spanish colonization period (1552–1898) and a few records from the American occupation period (1898–1946). Unfortunately, thousands of documents have been lost due to careless handling, deliberate destruction, and natural deterioration caused by termites, mold, and moisture.
The Family History Library has filmed the most important genealogical records from this collection, including:
*Inheritance records and inventories of personalestates (''bienes de difuntos'').
*Marriage records (''matrimonios'').
*Census records (''vecindarios, estadísticas, <br>padrones de chinos'').
*Military records (''quintas, guardia civil, hojas de servicio'').
*Immigration and naturalization records(''naturalización de Españoles, radicación de estrangeros'').
*Family History Library home page.
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