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:*[[FamilySearch Wiki:Known Issues]]
Some Wikipedia pages that have helped with development include:
*Wiki text markup articles: [ Wikipedia: How to edit a page] and specifically the [ Wiki Markup] section of the article.
*[ Collaborations]
*[ Community portal]
:*The [[FamilySearch Wiki:Maintenance Templates]] page was a beginning step to make templates more visible to the community. The page only lists some of the maintenance templates. The templates were created with the old wiki when we had more horizontal room for content. Now the templates are too big on a page. Some redesign is needed. You could work with [[User:Cottrells]] because he has helped create a lot of our templates.
:*Templates need to be easy to use. We receive many comments about not wanting to know the techie stuff, but still wanting to use the features and functions of a template.
== Magicwords ==
:*See the Magicwords page in the wiki.
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