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[[Projects Seeking Contributors#WikiProject_-_Supporting_the_WikiFamilySearch Wiki:WikiProject Support]]
== Wiki Community ==
*[[FamilySearch Wiki:New Features|New Features]] - this page was originally maintained by our Admin on Penny's team. Right now the wiki does not have an Admin on Penny's team. Consequently, this page is not being updated.
== Wikipedia and MediaWiki Documentation ==
Some Wikipedia and MediaWiki pages that have helped with self-training understanding wikicode include:
*Wiki text markup articles: [ Wikipedia: How to edit a page] and specifically the [ Wiki Markup] section of the article.
:*The community meeting held on November 23rd was about templates. Steve Cottrell presented some "training" on the usage of templates and where to find a list of all the templates that are currently available in the wiki. Please see the meeting agenda page for links to the pages he used in the training. If you did not attend the meeting, I'd suggest that you listen to the recording.
== Extensions ==
*What are extensions?
*Where are they documented?
== Special Pages ==  
== Magicwords ==
::*Delete ASAP requests
::*Delete Portal requests
::*[[FamilySearch Wiki:Policies/Proposed enhancements]]
:The Delete Log - find the delete log; use the log to watch for vandalism; take action when possible vandalism is detected.
::*Also we can understand what the community is trying to accomplish by watching what pages they are requesting for deletion and why they are requesting the deletes. Is their method the right way to accomplish their goals? Can we provide alternative ways to accomplish the work they are doing?
== Wiki Maintenance ==
Moderator, Reviewer, editor, oversight, pagecreator


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