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== Transparency in Development ==
:*'''[[FamilySearch Wiki:Known Issues]] ''' - be familiar with the issues listed on this page. Archive the items when needed. Support the issues by moving them through the process in JIRA and product engineering. Based upon the issue additional help content may be needed. When this happens, work with tier 2 to have existing Help articles updated or to get additional Help articles written. This includes assisting with bug reporting, testing fixes, giving feedback to engineers, etc.
:*'''Taxonomy Implementation:''' The integration of the wiki in betaFamilySearch is another item that needs to be communicated to the wiki community members. The community meeting attendees benefit from know what the current status is for the integration. One item that is still being worked on is the implementation of the FamilySearch topic taxonomy into the wiki. [[User:DiltsGD|David Dilts]] is heading up the project to implement this taxonomy, and has given reports in the past to this group.:::#Status reports from David Dilts and Dallan Quass :::#Identify technical issues, roadblocks, and questions as they rise :::#Plan and implement resolutions
:*'''DevNet:''' [ DevNet] is the wiki development backlog that the community had access to for reporting bugs and requesting enhancements. They could use this site to communicate with the engineers and help troubleshoot bugs and add the documentation. This site has not been used by engineering for a long time, so when items are added by the community, they basically go into a black hole. The community was told that something better would come, but in the mean time use DevNet. The wiki still does not have something better to replace DevNet.
:::#Finalize issue related to the use of DevNet for the public facing backlog
:::#What is the status of betaFamilySearch’s usage of GetSatisfaction feedback, especially for the wiki?
:*'''[[FamilySearch Wiki:Project backlog]] ''' - this page was originally created by the product manager for purposes of communicating with the wiki community all the development we had on the backlog for the wiki project. Some of the backlog were tasks that could only be done by an engineer. Others were items that any community member could help with. All community members who attended the technical Community Meeting were encouraged to help with the development by signing up for one of these projects. The list was hard to maintain and keep current by product management. There is still a need to be transparent with the development of the wiki, particularly with development projects that can be done by community members.
:*'''[[FamilySearch Wiki:New Features|New Features]] ''' - this page was originally maintained by our Admin on Penny's team. Right now the wiki does not have an Admin on Penny's team. Consequently, this page is not being updated.
:*'''Forums:''' Respond to Forum posts, particularly those in the [ Technical Support] forum. You will find bugs reported here and also technical questions by the community members.
== Wikipedia and MediaWiki Documentation ==
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