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:*The community meeting held on November 23rd was about templates. Steve Cottrell presented some "training" on the usage of templates and where to find a list of all the templates that are currently available in the wiki. Please see the meeting agenda page for links to the pages he used in the training. If you did not attend the meeting, I'd suggest that you listen to the recording.
==== Further Reading ==== '''[ Wikipedia]:'''  :#[ Wikipedia:Template documentation]
:#[ Wikipedia:Transclusion]
'''[ WikiMedia: Meta-Wiki]:''' :#[ Templates messages]:#[ Help:A quick guide to templates]:#[ Help:Template]:#[ Help:Advanced templates]:#[ Help:System message]:#[ Help:Substitution]:#[ Help:Parser function]:#[ Help:Parameter default]
:#[ Help:Array]
'''[ MediaWiki]:'''
*[ Help:Extension:ParserFunctions]
*[ Help:Parser functions in templates]
*[ Help:Magic words]
*[ Help:Templates]
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