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==Feast Day Calendar==
===Julian Calendar changed to Gregorian Calendar=== {| class="FCK__ShowTableBorders" style="width: 99%; height: 100px;"
||*In the Western world time began to be reckoned or dated before and after the birth of Jesus Christ. **B.C. (before Christus)
**A.D. (Anno Domini — the year of our Lord; or "after Domini" — the Lord's birth)
*In the late 1600s, scientists and astronomers told about the incorrectness of the Julian calendar system they were using. The calendar date was off by eleven days, a leap year was needed to make time line up correctly, and so forth.
*The reigning pope of the time, Pope Gregory, ordered the scientists and astronomers to make the necessary changes to bring the calendars in line with their measurements.
*In 1700, most of the Christian/Western world switched to using the Gregorian calendar system. Denmark, Iceland, and Norway all changed at that time.
*Sweden and Finland waited until 1753 to bring about their calendar change.
===Fixed and Movable Feast Days===
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