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Acronyms and Abbreviations

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:About or Circa; an guessed date, e.g., "Abt 1745"
:[[Ancestral File]]; Ancestral File is a collection of over 35 million names linked into family groups and pedigrees. The records include information voluntarily contributed to by patrons from 1978-1991.
:After. The date is known to be later than a specified date, e.g., "Aft 1900".
;AG:Accredited Genealogist. Title given to individuals who pass accreditation exams of the International Commission for the Accreditation of Professional Genealogists. ;;AGBI
:[[American Genealogical Biographical Index (AGBI)|American Genealogical Biographical Index]]; A large name index of genealogies published by the [ Godfrey Memorial Library].&nbsp;The data also include unindexed and partially indexed genealogies and several specialized vital record collections and census data from 1790.
:Computer File Index, later known as the [[International Genealogical Index|International Genealogical Index]] (IGI).
;CG:Certified Genealogist. Title given to individuals who pass the certification exam of the Board for Certification of Genealogists. ;chr
;c / ca
:Circa. Approximately (ex. "ca 1535" means "in about 1535")
:[ Daughters of the American Revolution]; Lineage society for female descendants of soldiers who fought in the Revolutionary War. The [[Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) Library|DAR Library]] in Washington, D.C. houses significant genealogical collections and is open to the public.
:Date of Birth / Date of Death
:[ International Society Daughters of the Utah Pioneers]; Lineage society for female descendants of early Utah settlers. Sponsors Pioneer Memorial Museum, and Pioneer Histories Digitization Project.
:Estimated. The date was estimated based upon family stories / traditions / standard genealogical estimations, e.g. "Est 1848". Standard genealogical standards include: man marrying at 25, woman marrying at 21, first child one year after marriage, and subsequent children every two years. For example, marriage in 1825, would give the husband's birth "Est 1800", wife's birth "Est 1804", first child's birth "Est 1826", second child's birth "Est 1828", etc.
;FASG:Fellow of the American Society of Genealogists. ;FGS
:Federation of Genealogical Societies
:[[Family Group Records Collection|Family Group Records Archive]]. This file was maintained by the [[Genealogical Society of Utah|Genealogical Society of Utah]], a forerunner of the current Family History Library and FamilySearch. The archive consists of Family Group sheets in two parts: a MAIN section containing patron submissions from 1942-1969; and a PATRON section containing patron submissions from 1962-1979.
:[[Introduction to the Family History Library Catalog|Family History Library Catalog]]; searchable catalog of microfilm, fiche, books and periodicals available through [].<br>
:Fellow of the Society of Genealogists (London).
:[ National Genealogical Society]; provides education and training in genealogical research methods and works to promote access to and preservation of genealogical records.
:The PERiodical Source Index maintained by the [[Allen County Public Library|Allen County Public Library]] of genealogical and local history periodicals, listed by source. PERSI's objective is to, over time, compile a complete subject index of all such periodicals--past and present.
:[[Social Security Death Index (SSDI)|Social Security Death Index]]; master file of US death records reported to the [ Social Security Administartion] available for free on-line through [], [], [] and other web sites.
:Temple Records Index Bureau, a card-file index system maintained from 1927-1970 containing references to births, christenings and marriages for deceased (dating from 1500) and living persons (to 1970). The TIB was replaced by the CFI (later the [[International Genealogical Index (IGI)|IGI]]).
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