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Arizona Emigration and Immigration

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The earliest non-Indian settlers of [[Arizona|Arizona]] generally came into the Gila Valley from Sonora and Sinaloa states of Mexico. During the 1840s and 1850s, prospectors from eastern United States and from Texas passed through the valley on their way to the gold fields of California. Some returned to settle. When military personnel left at the beginning of the Civil War in 1861, the territory was almost abandoned to the Indians. The Apaches remained a serious threat until 1886.
== Mexican Border Crossing Records ==
Numerous Mexicans came to Arizona in the late 19th and early 20th century. Records of 20th century Mexican border crossings are available at the National Archives and Family History Library. These include:<br>
*{{FHL|1125731|title-id|disp=Aros Ranch, Douglas, Lochiel, Naco and Nogales, Arizona, alien arrivals 1906-1910}} <br><br>*{{FHL|1125728|title-id|disp=Douglas, alien arrivals 1906-1955}} <br>*{{FHL|1193845|title-id|disp=Naco, index and manifests 1908-1952 }}<br>*{{FHL|1193927|title-id|disp=Nogales, index and manifests 1905-1952}}<br>
*{{FHL|830288|title-id|disp=San Luis, alphabetical manifests 1929-1952}}
*{{FHL|1139108|title-id|disp=Sasabe/San Fernanodo, index and manifests 1919-1952}} <br>
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