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=== Libraries and Archives ===
[The Family History Library] and the [ Hawaii State Archives] have the newspaper, ''Nupepa Kuokoa,'' (Honolulu, Hawaii) 1861 to 1927, which includes genealogies (Honolulu: University of Hawaii Library; Archives of Hawaii, 19—; Family History Library {{FHL|145588|title-id|disp=films 1020698-729}}).A partial index to births, marriages, and deaths in Hawaiian newspapers prior to 1950 is also at the Family History Library and the Hawaii State Archives (Family History Library {{FHL|433054|title-id|disp=films 1002818-23}}).
An alphabetical list of English and Hawaiian language newspapers from 1834 to 1948 is found in ''The Hawaiian Newspapers'' by Esther T. Mookini ({{FHL|996.9 B3m}}) ([ Worldcat])
==== Newspaper Directory ====


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