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{{Outdated|the fact that there have been changes to policy on the SSDI over the last couple months and this article should be reviewed with that in mind}}  [[Image:George_Herbert_Snell_Social_Security_CardGeorge Herbert Snell Social Security Card.JPG|thumb|right|250px]]The Social Security Death Index (SSDI) is prepared by the US Government Social Security Administration and made available to various groups, including the Family History Library, to use for genealogical purposes. The U.S. Social Security Death Index is an Internet file that contains records of deaths for those who had social security numbers and the death was reported to the United States Social Security Administration. Most records start in 1962, but the file does contain a few records of deaths from 1942 until 1961.
=== Errors ===
• Steve Morse SSDI - FAQs:
The Social Security Administration updates the Death Index monthly. Every site does not update their database every month. Therefore, what you find at one site may not be available at another site.
=== Information contained in the SSDI ===
=== How to use the SSDI ===
Suggestions about using the SSDI in family history research can  be found at several websites.  Check the following to read more about using the Social Security Death Index: (note that the URL's are long, therefore use the option to click on it, instead of typing in the complete web site address.
1. Dear Myrtle:
2. Dick Eastman's article "Using the Social Security Death Index" at - [ http://www.ancestryUsing the Social Security Death Index]" at;o_xid=0022478094&o_lid=0022478094&o_xt=22478094] -
3. George G. Morgan's article "Using Social Security Number Application Forms for Genealogy" at click here or type the URL [ http://www.ancestryUsing Social Security Number Application Forms for Genealogy]" at here or type the URL&ampnbsp;o_xid=0022478094&o_lid=0022478094&o_xt=22478094]
4. George G. Morgan's article "Even More About Social Security Records" at
8. Quick Tip "Cross-Checking to Save Money with the Social Security Death Index"
9. web site [ web site] 
10. The SS-5 Form - Michael John Neill's website
13. Additional Articles about the SSDI -
14. CyndisList for US Social Security: [ CyndisList for US Social Security]
15. [ The official website of the U.S. Social Security Administration ]
16. The History of Social Security [ The History of Social Security]
17. [[|Social Security Administration's guide to ordering your ancestor's application []]
=== Obtaining More Information from the SSDI ===
*Parents' names (if known).
Send the information and fee for search to the following address:<br>Social Security Administration <br>P.O. Box 17772 <br>Baltimore, MD 21290 <br>
== Sample of letter requesting Social Security SS-5 form ==
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