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}} Usage of this site is governed by the FamilySearch [[FamilySearch Wiki:Conditions of Use|Conditions of Use]]. Contributions of any kind, are governed by the Creative Commons license. Before placing any copyrighted material on this site be sure to review the [ Creative Commons license] and make sure that if you are not the copyright holder that you have permission from the copyright holder to contribute the copyrighted material.  
Materials which infringe on copyrights must not be added. Only copyright owners may place copyrighted materials on the Research Wiki unless the contributor has received the written consent of the copyright owner. Materials from other Creative Commons sites (look for the Creative Commons icon at the bottom of each page on the site) can be placed on this site without concern. Care should be taken to always properly attribute sources.  When there are infrigements, that information will be deleted from the page.
=== Guidelines ===
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