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Riverhead, Kent Genealogy

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parish history
== Parish History ==
Riverhead is a former village and now part of the built up area of Sevenoaks. The civil parish of Riverhead is in the Svenoaks district of Kent [,_Kent+ Riverhead Wikipedia]<br>
Riverhead St Mary&nbsp; is an Ecclesiastical Parish formed as a chapelry in 1831 from the neighbouring&nbsp;[[Sevenoaks, Kent]] Ancient Parish. <br>
The church of St Mary theVirgin was consecrated as a chapel of Ease in 1831&nbsp; and was at that time within the village of Riverhead and formed part of the Diocese of Canterbury. It was built upon land donated by the Amherst and Lambarde families. The church was built to the design of Decimus Burton.
The church of St Mary Riverhead has been designated as a grade II listed building [ British listed building]<br>  See [ Kent Churches website]<br>
Riverhead became absorbed into the town of Sevenoaks. The civil parish is in the Sevenoaks district of Kent.
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