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Adolf Fredrik Church, Stockholm

History[edit | edit source]

Adolf Fredriks parish covers an area in the central Stockholm Norrmalm district a number of blocks north of the modern-day Centralstation (central railroad station) and a bit north of the island where the royal palace sits. The parish existed already by 1693  when household examination records begin and then dedicated, in 1774, the church building that still stands today. The church is built on the site where St Olofs chapel sat for a century before. In terms of the number of people it serves, Adolf Fredrik is one of the smaller parishes in urban Stockholm. The parish is named in honor of the king who laid the cornerstone for the church building.

Chronology[edit | edit source]

1675 broke off of from Klara and combined with Kungsbacksförsamlingen.
Between 1675 - 1775 known as Sankt Olof
1775-05-01- known as Adolf Fredrik.
1786-03-03 combined with Barnhusförsamlingen.
1888-07-01 combined with Sabbatsbergs fattighus.
1888 or 1889 combined with Borgerskapets änkhus along with Straff- och arbetsfängelset on Norrmalm.

  • Parishes Created From Adolf Fredrik

1752-08-01 Sabbatsbergs fattighus (poorhouse)
1906-05-01 Gustav Vasa and Matteus
1675 - 1775 Klara

Do not confuse with Fredrik parish, a previous name of Finska parish.
1889 - 1906-04-30 particular parish registration for Borgerskapets änkhus and Sabbatsbergs home for the elderly (and afterward in Matteus respective Gustav Vasa). Births with with Pro Patrias BB 1774 - 1865 introduced in the parish birth register, 1865 - 1929 in a particular birth register at the Stockholm City Archive, births with Sabbatsbergs sjukhus 1879 - 1906 of children from other parishes not recorded in their respective places of birth, births with Dr Carl Heijls sjuk- och förlossningshem 1932 - 1943 recorded in the parish birth register.

Stockholm Adolf Fredrik Parish, Stockholm City, Sweden Genealogy
Stift Stockholm 1942-today. Previously Uppsala stift
Pastorat 1675-1775 Klara, May 1, 1775 its own
Län Stockholms Överståthållarskap July 29, 1634 - 1967, Stockholm City merged with Stockholm County 1967
Landskap Uppland
Härad add here
Tingslag add here
Domsaga Stockholm
Fögderi add here
Kommun add here
Militär indelning add here
NAD Ref Code SE/SSA/0001
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Place Names[edit | edit source]

To see what kind of place it is you will need a Swedish Gazetteer.

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Collections[edit | edit source]

The original records associated to this parish are preserved with the Stockholm City Archives. See their website at: Stockholms stadsarkiv

  • Church Records

The books for Borgerskapets änkhus 1889 - 1906 kept with the pastorsämbetet of Matteus. The books for Sabbatsberg at Stockholm City Archive.

  • Court Records
  • Military Records

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Societies and Libraries[edit | edit source]

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References[edit | edit source]

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