Swedish Confirmation Certificate (Konfirmationsbetyg)

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Also Known As:[edit | edit source]

The letter C and K are interchangeable and sound like K. You might see the word Confirmation with a C or K. The word Betyg (meaning certificate or grade)[1] is sometimes replaced with Attest (meaning certificate or authorization)[2].

About[edit | edit source]

After completing confirmation, a person would receive a Konfirmationsbetyg (Confirmation Certificate). The certificate would include information such as:

  • The place of residence of the individual
  • The birth date of the individual
  • A score on their ability to read
  • The persons ability to recite from Luther's Catechism
  • Their ability to explain Svebilii's Catechism
  • A overall score of general understanding

After the konfirmationsbetyg was given to the individual, it became part of their personal property. As such, you will not find them among the church or government archives. Sometimes a konfirmationsbetyg was carefully saved and passed down through the years, other times they were lost or discarded with time.

If you are interested in your ancestors confirmation abilities, check the confirmation records to see if the scores were recorded there. Sometimes these can be difficult to interpret as the priest often used marks, for example X, or /, or dots to note abilities. The system of marks were never standardized throughout the country.

Notes[edit | edit source]

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  2. Nordstedts Ord "Attest"

References[edit | edit source]

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