Swedish Military Records after 1885 for Family History Research

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There are many records that were created by the Swedish Military Authorities after 1885 that will help you find your Swedish ancestors. These records are especially useful when the church records are insufficient.

As you search these records you will find the span of years varies record to record. This is due to military demands, unit structure, the purpose of the record, and the preservation of the originals. Some records have different names in different parts of the country. Some records were created in duplicate for example: Generalmönsterrullor . You will find the level of detail will vary record to record.

All of the records listed below are found at Krigsarkivet in Sweden.  To obtain information write to registrator.kra@riksarkivet.se. 

  • For articles, tools, and strategies see the Swedish Military Research for Family History page.

Name of Record Jurisdiction Record Description


Militären Enlistment records

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Medicinska journaler och psykologundersökningar
Militären Medical journals and psychiatric examinations

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Rullkort (Tjänstekorten)

Militären Roll Card (Service Card).   The mans name,   birth date and other personal information is given along with his history in the military with dates, recorded on a card. 

Time span: 1945-
Stamkort (Värnpliktskort)

Militären Conscript or enlistment card.  Contains the name of the man, birth date, personnummer, branch of service, service dates, and discipline if needed.  

Time span: 1919-1969, Computerized in 1969 to present.
Militären Sick rolls. 

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Militären A yearly record of those enlisted and drafted in each company. These can be searched by using the alphabetical index for the area of the company.

Time span:1885-1919
Militären Record of disciplinary action, record of punishment. 

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