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There are many records that were created by the Swedish military authorities in the Navy that will help you find your Swedish ancestors. These records are especially useful when the church records are insufficient.

As you search these records you will find the span of years varies record to record. This is due to military demands, unit structure, the purpose of the record, and the preservation of the originals. Some records have different names in different parts of the country. Some records were created in duplicate for example: Mönsterrullor . You will find the level of detail will vary record to record.

  • For articles, tools, and strategies see the Swedish Military Research for Family History page.

Name of Record Jurisdiction Record Description
Arbetsinrättningarna i Karlskrona och å Kungsholmen

Militären Workhouse institution in Karlskrona and Kungsholmen. Records of men sentenced work at the workhouse and the fortress of Kungsholmen in Karlskrona.

Time span: 1805-1833
Militären/Kompani Series of records for the companies of naval sailors. Includes the General muster rolls for the naval companies.  Also included are Rekryteringsrullor (Recruiting rolls), Generalmantalsrullor (General assessment rolls), Avräkningsrullor (Settlement rolls), Beklädnadsrullor (uniform rolls), Besiktningsrullor (Inspection rolls) Avmönstringsrullor (discharge rolls) and other records kept for Båtsmän.  

Time span: 1658-1912

Militären Contracts of Sailors. Record of the contracts made with the sailor specifying the sailor's wage if any, size of property and other things promised in his contract.
Time span: Varies but mainly after 1800.

Militären  Miscellaneous records of Navy Seamen/  Records of recruitment of a sailor, and may include certificates from his minister and doctor, and the contract that was drawn up.

Time span:1860's - 1901
Diverse mönsterrullor


Miscellaneous muster rolls. Muster rolls of various groups such as volunteers, professional hired sailors, cabin boys, etc. Also includes some General muster rolls and more.

Time span: 1677-1798

Diverse rullor

Militären/Civilt Anställda Miscellaneous rolls. Various rolls containing information about military officers, under officers as well as civil personnel such as surgeons,  barber-surgeons, construction workers. 

Time span: 1709-1884
Finska rullor

Militären Finnish rolls. Records for the companies in Finland in the navy such as general muster rolls, recruiting rolls, discharge rolls,  pay and various other rolls for Swedish navy and the Arméns Sjöartilleri bataljon.

Time span: 1675-1810
Förhyrda kompanier

Militären/Civilt Anställda Hired companies. Contains various rolls of hired naval workers, musters roll, payrolls etc. payrolls etc.

Time span: 1789-1809

Militären Merchant Marine companies. Contains the general muster rolls of the merchant marine companies of the Royal Swedish Navy.

Time span: 1796-1824
Kostrullor och mönsterrullor

Militären Quartermaster rolls and muster rolls in cluding in-mustering records and discharge muster records, 

Time span: 1796, 1810-1833

Militären Log Book or Ship Journal. Naval vessels kept a daily log book of the ship's course, speed, location, and other data. Sometimes includes information about men such those who were sick, those who came on board, etc.

Time span:

Militären/Civilt Anställda Pilotage Service Records. Muster rolls, census lists and various other rolls of navigators, and civil workers in the pilotage service.

Time span: 1693-1882


Seaman Companies.General muster rolls and records of enlisted seamen companies in the Swedish Navy

Time span: 1825-1914


Militären Merit and service lists of officers, administrators, navigators, training cadets, etc. of the Royal Swedish Navy.

Alphabetical listing by Surname

Militären Muster rolls. Contains the ship muster rolls

Time span: 1689-1790

Militären  Muster rolls. Contains the ship muster rolls

Time span: 1701-1873

Militären Muster rolls. Lists and rolls of the departed sailors 1788-1790. Also inspection muster rolls and more for 1806. 1808-1809.

Time span: 1788-1790, 1806, 1808-1809.
Rullor på Amiralitetsstaterna

Militären Officer rolls of the Royal Swedish Navy.

Time span: 1642-1883
Rullor på Volontär-, Sjöartilleri- och Marinregementena samt Mariniärkåren

Militären Rolls of the volunteer, coastal artillery, and the Marine regiments and the Marine Corps.

Time span: 1721-1869
Rullor över officerare, underofficerare, lotsar, voluntärer, båtsmän allehanda hantverkare, civilbetjänter, etc.

Militären/Civilt Anställda Records of the Royal Navy Pension Fund for  Officers, non-commissioned officers, pilots, volunteers, allotment seamen, tradesmen and civil workers

Time span: 1680-1829

Militären Sailor boys companies. Navy rolls of the companies of sailor boys,  young boys 7-15 that joined the navy and received training and usually later became non-commissioned officers in the navy

Time span: 1748-1912
Stockholms stations räkenskaper

Militären Accounts and records of Stockholm's Naval Station. Contains musterrolls, enlistments, muster-out rolls, various rolls of allotment seamen and shipwrights at the Stockholm Naval station

Time span: 1641-1721

Civilt Anställda Records of the Carpenters of the Royal Swedish Navy. Contains the muster rolls of the Carpenters, shipwright, smiths, bricklayers and other tradesmen of the Royal Swedish Navy and other records of these groups such as dagrullor (daily records) of craftsmen

Time span: 1692-1872


Inspections of Sailor's Cottages. Inspection report which may give description of the cottate  where seaman lived. If not will likely give information about improvements that need to be made to meed the standard required by the Navy. 


Militären Non-commissioned officers rolls. Contains musters rolls and various other rolls of the non-commissioned officers

Time span: 1805-1884

Militären Non-commissioned officers rolls. Contains various rolls of the non-commissioned officers

Time span: 1823-1873
Verifikationer till Amiralitets krigsmanskassas huvudbok med förteckningar över passageraravgifter. Militären Verifications of the Royal Swedish Navy's Pension Fund and record of departures. Contains verifications from the main accounts of the Royal Swedish Navy's pension Fund, extracts from the Customs Office and also departure lists of passengers, etc.

Time span: 1798-1851

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