Talgøy (Talgje) Parish, Rogaland, Norway Genealogy

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Guide to Talgøy, Norway ancestry, family history, and genealogy: birth records, marriage records, death records, census records, and military records

Talgøy (Talgje) Parish
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Prosti add here
Len 1599-1660 Stavanger
Amt 1689-1919 1662-1682: Stavanger stiftamt,
1682-1919: Stavanger amt
Fylke 1919-Present Rogaland
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Prestegjeld Finnø
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Tinglag Finnø
Fogderi Ryfylke
Sorenskriveri Ryfylke
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Church Records[edit | edit source]

Talgje kyrkje.jpg

Talgøy (Talgje) is a parish in Finnøy clerical district. Records begin in 1673.

Microfilms at the Family History Library cover the years: See FamilySearch Catalog for full details and microfilm numbers.

  • Christenings (Døbte): 1673-1916
  • Introductions (Introduserte): 1673-1709, 1727-1733, 1746-1816
  • Absolutions (Absolverte): 1673-1709, 1717-1732, 1735-1746, 1790-1795
  • Confirmations (Konfirmerte): 1738-1888
  • Banns (Lysninger): 1735-1746, 1799-1845
  • Engagements (Trolovede): 1673-1709, 1727-1728, 1732, 1735-1798
  • Marriages (Viede): 1673-1709, 1717-1916
  • Stillborn (Dødfødte): 1847-1878, 1885, 1891,1901
  • Burials (Begravede): 1673-1709, 1715-1716, 1718-1846, 1879-1916
  • Vaccinations (Vaksinerte): 1812-1818

Digital images of the church books are available at Digitalarkivet (Digital Archives).

Census Records[edit | edit source]

See Finnøy

Court Records[edit | edit source]

  • 1616-1701 The court records contain reports of civil and criminal actions, including the allodial rights, "odelssaker". You will find names, dates, places, and relationships in these records. The records have no indexes, therefore require time to study. They are excellent sources for genealogical research and at times you can find entire families through several generations. These records must be used in conjunction with the mortgage records, probate records, or other records.

Land Records[edit | edit source]

  • 1670-1910: These mortgage records give information about real estate, conveyances, mortgages, and other transactions of properties. Contracts, agreements, and deeds are also recorded in these books. The panteregisters are extracts of these records. Digitised Real Estate Registers at Digitalarkivet.

Probate Records[edit | edit source]

For 1666-1795 the probates are in the combined Ryfylke and Karmsund judicial district.
For 1786-1876 they are found in Ryfylke judicial district.
The clerical probates for 1729-1807 are found in Ryfylke deanery deanery. `

Availability[edit | edit source]

Ryfylke og Karmsund judicial district
*1666-1795 Family History Library
*1666-1795 Digitalarkivet
*1666-1788 Probate card indexes sorted by farm name Digitalarkivet

Ryfylke judicial district
*1786-1876 Family History Library
*1786-1876 Digitalarkivet

Ryfylke deanery
*1786-1807 Clerical probate records Family History Library
*1786-1807 Digitalarkivet.

Farm Book[edit | edit source]

History and genealogy of the Toreson family of Sør-Talgje in Rogaland, Norway. Includes histories and genealogies of related families on other farms in Rogaland county, ca. 900 to ca. 1600.

Farm Names[edit | edit source]

39 Eide nedre

41 Gar

44 Hanesand nedre, 40 Hovde

42 Meling

37 Runestad

36 Æraas

43 Østebø

References[edit | edit source]

Oluf Rygh: Norwegian Farm Names