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searching for frederick george bolton born 1910?south africa.his father was frederick bolton sergant R.A.S.C.regular army.would welcome any information on how to search for the above.

As you have information on the father that has more depth and possibilities of research, may I suggest that you concentrate on exhausting all sources for Fredrick Bolton, Sergant in the Royal Army Service Corp.  Here is a wiki link: or type British Military into the Subject, Place or Keyword in the Wiki Search Learning & How-To's box.  British Military records can contain a wealth of information that will then place you in the generation of finding more information on your target person:  Frederick George Bolton b. 1910? South Africa.

May you have success via British Military records for Sergant Bolton.

Caroline Wolfgramm Irwin

Wiki Maintenance Team Member

26Oct2011:  11:35 p.m.