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Many indexers are missing the Event Year sometimes found in the far right column.

Many dates are single entries such as 1824.  However, when there is a date range, such as 1823-1824 or 1823 & 1824, indexers are not following the Basic Indexing Guidelines which instruct to use the first date in the range written.

The title fields:  If the titles say Jr, we should type Jr and not expand per field helps.

A decision is need on the title of "Heirs Of".  Many are typing Heirs and many are entering Heirs Of.


Regarding the dates in the far right column: I have had arbitrators mark it wrong if one line has an entry like 1826-27, for example, if I don't mark all the entries with 1826 or if I mark any of the entries 1826. I keep trying to find the magic rule, but there seems not to be one. Please clarify.

Addenda: Some of the arbitrators use the last number in the date range, others the first. The instructions say to use the first, but is there some special reason that one would use the second in these records.

And as noted above, many arbitrators mark "hs of" wrong when it is what is written. They use either "heirs of" or just "heirs". This is making me tear at my hair. It is also killing my "Accuracy" score. Help, please.