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Hawaiians are Polynesian related to the Samoans, Tongans, Tahitians and Maori. Less than 1 percent of Hawaii's population is pure-blooded Hawaiian. Many immigrant groups originally came as contract laborers to work in the sugar fields. The Chinese began arriving in 1852, followed by the Portuguese in 1878, the Japanese in 1884, Koreans in 1903, and Filipinos in 1906. Those of Japanese descent presently constitute about 30 percent of the total population, and are the largest ethnic group in Hawaii. American missionaries from New England started coming in 1820, but the number of Americans was not significant until about 1875.

Passenger Ships · Protestant Missionaries · Japanese Emigration · Korean Emigration · Filipino Emigration · Portuguese Emigration Hawaii History

  • David Rumsey Map Collection is a large online collection of rare, old, antique historical atlases, globes, maps, charts plus other cartographic treasures.
  • Pacific Island Guide to Family History Research (Wiki article click here)
  • Research Guide:  BYU Research Outline for Hawaii
  • Papakilo Database - compilation of online records by the Office of Hawaiian Affairs. Contains 
  • Hawaiian Roots - Has links to documents for Hawaiian research, Hawaiian history and culture, and other resources helpful for Hawaiian genealogy.
  • The purpose of Ulukau, the Hawaiian Electronic Library, is to make these resources available for the use, teaching, and revitalization of the Hawaiian language and for a broader and deeper understanding of Hawaiʻi with links to databases of Genealogy, Dictionaries, Newspapers and more.
  • Israel in the Pacific : a genealogical text for Polynesia Cole, William A. (William Arley) and Jensen, Elwin W. Salt Lake City, Utah : Genealogical Society of Utah, 1961 458 p. : illustrations, genealogical tables. etc
  • An important collection of compiled genealogies for Hawaii is found in theCole-Jensen Collection : Oral Genealogies and Genealogical Information Collected from the Polynesian Peoples and from the Pacific Islands.These records were collected over a 50 year period and microfilmed in 1984 by the Genealogical Society of Utah. The original collection consisted of 51 binders.The original materials no longer exist as an intact collection. However, there are nine microfilms 1358001-1358009 available at various family history centers. This collection contains family group records, pedigree charts and oral genealogies collected from the Pacific Islands of Hawaii, New Zealand, Samoa, Tonga, Niue, Cook Islands, and French Polynesia including the Society, Marquesas, Austral Islands, and the Tuamotu Archipelago. The Hawaiian genealogies can be found on the following microfilms: 1358001, 1358002, 1358003, 1358004, 1358006, 1358007, and 1358008.