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Beta testing changes made June 4, 2014.

No announcement was made, hoping to gather stats on visitors who come to the page naturally. When the beta is over (about two weeks), the page will be updated based on feedback and stats and replaced with a page entitled "Illinois Genealogy Research."

Bloggers and others will be notified in advance of that release, so many can give feedback and suggestions. Thank you. AdkinsWH 17:47, 4 June 2014 (UTC)

Please post your comments here.

Mass of Confusion =[edit source]

I am a VERY experienced genealogist and Wiki user. This format is horrible. I cannot find the tab, button, area, or secret garden where the majority of Illinois topics are hidden. If want biographies, probate records, vital records, or any other Illinois topic I cannot figure out where they are hidden. The traditional format was alphabetical on the top page--understandable in one glance. This way I have to click, click, click to find a topic--and I still haven't. This is not only confusing, it will drive people away from the Wiki screaming in frustration. Have mercy, the beginners haven't any hope of being able to use this horrible confusion to find anything! Why oh why do "experts" have to categorize things and "simplify" by making beginners guess which group to go hunting through to find a topic? The old alphabetical list of topics was NOT difficult--this way is nearly impossible. DiltsGD 16:22, 22 July 2015 (UTC)

Info for Danielle to move over to other pages[edit source]

Old Info: