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Because the links to are problematic to create and maintain based on differing subscription limitations, I think we should look at approaching the table differently.  What about putting ALL info into a single column, and linking directly to the census search page?  A footnote could explain the differing flavors of subscription, and where someone might gain access (e.g., a Family History Center or public library).  Any other ideas?  At the moment, virtually all the links in the Institution column fail (or at least they fail for me).  Lembley 15:00, 27 April 2012 (UTC)

The Federal Census microfilm links available from the National Archives do not work.  May we have your permission to unlink them?  We appreciate your commitment in making the Wiki a reliable source of information.  Thank you so much.

Links that do not work:  1920 T625, Soundex M1559, 1910 T624 Soundex T1264, 1900 T623. Soundex T1043, 1890 fragments M407, index M496, 1880 T9, Soundex T746, 1870 M593, 1860 M653, 1850 M432, 1840 M704, 1830 M19, 1820 M33.

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