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Suggested improvements[edit source]

Possible improvements to the Illinois County Creation Dates and Parent Counties page:

  • Carroll County needs the creation date, parent counties, and later counties added.
  • Question: Would the page be more helpful if the "proposed, extinct, and non-county areas" mentioned in Boundary Changes at Newberry Library site were added? Would the dates these [failed] counties were proposed be helpful if YOUR ancestor's lived in that area? Suggested by AdkinsWH 16:23, 1 May 2014 (UTC)
  1. The pattern is simple to follow once you are in Wikitext on the page.
  2. This does require Wikitext and attention to the pattern of other counties.
  3. The page is in an easy-to-understand table format.
  4. Creating links to historical boundary changes will be needed.

Completed suggestions[edit source]

  • Question: Would the page benefit by adding another column for which IRAD Depository has the historical records for each county? IRAD's added AdkinsWH 17:53, 13 May 2014 (UTC)
  1. This does require Wikitext.
  2. Check the IRAD depository websites for a list of counties they the records for
  3. Add the link and the depository name in the IRAD column for that county (the column after the county name)