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Civil Registration[edit source]

A patron wrote in, asking that the following information be added to our website.  She was actually referring to the Family History Library catalog.  I thougth the information could be added to the Ireland Civil Registration page.  When I went to do this, I feel that I don't know enough to add the information correctly, nor do I know the links for the web sites she is talking about.  Perhaps someone with more knowledge could add the information.  Thanks!

"Also it would be helpful if you inform people that if they need copies of
certificates for upto 1925 you can get these from Roscommon at the reduced
fees 8 Euro when you included the indexs supplied by the FamilyHistory pilot
website. Otherwise you can purchase them from the GRO Belfast office at the
full price of £12.00 as they don't use Volumes as they require the reference
no and book no"

Forum Badge Test[edit source]

The forum badge has been moved to the top of the page thanks to Steve Cottrell. This is a test to see if having the badge in a more prominent position might lead more people to use the Ireland and Northern Ireland research forums. If you have any thoughts on this please leave comments here.

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Ireland research notes[edit source]

Good starting point, informative and instructive.

OLD CONTENT[edit source]

Did You Know?[edit source]

  • Between 1831 and 1841 in Ireland, 34,090 recruits joined the Army.
  • Ireland Householders Index From 1823 to 1864, records were kept of people who paid taxes to the Church of Ireland or the government in Ireland.
  • The Princess Grace Irish Library provides online biographical & bibliographical information on 4,500 Irish writers on its EIRData website. EIRData, which stands for Electronic Irish Records Dataset, was compiled by Dr. Bruce Stewart of the University of Ulster. The site also contains primary and secondary bibliographies, commentaries, quotations and notes.
  • The term 'Census Strays' refers to people who are born in one place whose name appears in a census in another place. A page on the North of Ireland Family History Society website contains details of over 15,000 records of persons living in households with one or more people of Irish origin. These "strays" compiled by the Society were sent in from the UK and the rest of the world. office
  • Records of Officers from first Irish Police Force on internet. Record of more than 80,000 officers from the 1st Irish Police Force are being released on line. It will contain personal details of every man that enlisted in the Irish Constabulary between 1816-1921 including their name, year and place of birth, age of enlistment and marital status. It is on the Ancestry Subscription site.
  • The National University of Ireland in Galway, in conjunction with the Moore Institute for Research in the Humanities and Social Sciences, has created an on-line index to the landed estates of Connaught Province covering c.1700-1914. Though the project was not primarily intended as a genealogical tool, it is that, and they are to be commended for creating this great resource. The index can be searched alphabetically by the names of estates, families, and houses, and the website includes maps and images of the great houses. The index is found at the Landed Estates website.

Useful websites[edit source]

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