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Alternative layout for the Main Page[edit source]

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Research Guidance

Numerous articles are available within FamilySearch Wiki to help you get started in family history. The following links are to articles about general research topics.

Principles of Family History Research

Research Process Steps.png
  1. Identify What You Know
  2. Decide What You Want to Learn
  3. Select Records to Search
  4. Obtain and Search the Records
  5. Use the Information

If you are wondering where to get started in your family history research, the following articles will help you with this decision.

How to Guess Where to Start

Research Analysis

There are several articles in FamilySearch Wiki that explain how to correlate, corroborate, interpret, and evaluate research, records, and information to determine their relevance, authenticity, reliability, and accuracy, and how to deal with contradictory evidence.

Organization and Documentation

Organizing and documenting your research is a key concept for both beginners and seasoned family history researchers. File organization is important in computers, but for genealogy and family history research work it is absolutely imperative. Creating links between files (such as source documents that have been scanned, research logs, analysis forms, and records managers) can help in keeping the sources available for quick view while studying and analyzing a research problem. Many types of organizing methods exist, so researchers can adopt and then adapt them to personal styles.

Finding relevant guidance

How can I find guidance that is relevant to my research?

You can start by searching for the information directly in this wiki, or you may find if useful to browse by country or by topic.

Contribute to and improve the guidance

How can I add guidance and information that I have found useful?

Helpful step-by-step articles and tutorials that will teach you how to be a FamilySearch Research Wiki Contributor are given in the article Help:Contributor Help.

Featured article

The National Archives, England.jpg
The National Archives of the United Kingdom - the official governmental archive of the United Kingdom, containing nine hundred years of history with records ranging from parchment and paper scrolls through to digital files and archive websites.

Featured How-to

Catalog FH.PNG
Using the Family History Library Catalog - learn how to use the Family History Library Catalog to it's full potential

Featured WikiProject

604px-Technicolor Trees.jpg
WikiProject Utah - working to improve the article about Utah
See more featured content >

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Comments[edit source]

I would like to suggest that the Main Page be reformatted to include a Welcome header with some links to key categories, followed by two main columns divided between using the wiki on the left and contributing to the wiki on the right. I feel it is important to emphasise these two main reasons why a person may visit the wiki.

There is still space in the right hand column where more information could be added, plus more wikilinks could be added to the text already included or the text can be changed. Please feel free to look at or edit the code that produces this layout, using the links provided at the bottom of the proposal. Your comments would also be appreciated. --Steve 18:12, 19 March 2010 (UTC)

  • I like some of this. My personal preference is that I do not like the color palettes in the templates. These templates also make it more difficult for the less technical people to edit. I realize this is all temporary anyway. To me, it is not much more inviting than the current one. Anyway, my opinions. Thomas_Lerman 20:56, 23 March 2010 (UTC)
  • Honestly, I prefer the clean boxes compared to all the images. Some images on the main page are good, but too many images makes it busy and confusing. I'm not concerned about the colors because they can easily be changed. I'm also not worried about the content because that can be changed as well. I'm also not concerned that editing the boxes on the home page might be difficult for the majority of our current editors/authors. The home page typically ends up being protected so that only the few who need to make edits can do so.--Fran 18:39, 29 March 2010 (UTC)
  • Yeah, we have got both opposite responses about the images. Many have felt they are cleaner & more inviting, some thought they are busy & confusing. I realize that the main page does not get edited much nor by very many people. However, I believe in a greater amount of consistency throughout the entire Wiki. Both mock-ups do have some problem with this, but it seems one has more issues than the other. Thomas_Lerman 20:36, 30 March 2010 (UTC)

April 2010 - Main Page proposed layout below the search box[edit source]

Start with an overview of
the Wiki including Help!
You know something that
can help someone else.
Share with our community
that loves family history.
Featured Articles
Siksika or Blackfoot -Iron-Breast-and-family.jpg
Indians of Montana
Y ddraig goch.png
Pacific island scene.jpg
Pacific Island Guide to Research
St Marys Church Acton Cheshire.jpg
Cheshire England Parishes

View Popular Articles > View Random Articles > See More Featured Articles >

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Comments[edit source]

Based on the information shared at the April 6 Wiki Techinical meeting, the The Research Wiki is . . . showthread and discussion with Kara I have put together another proposed layout for the main page. --Steve 14:43, 9 April 2010 (UTC)

I like some of the things on the FamilySearch Research Wiki. I see some of the changes I suggested have been corrected. To me, the "Browse by Country" text is redundant and not needed when it is followed by the "List All Countries" link. Actually, this link is really redundant & inconsistent with the "Browse by country" link in the Navigation box. I would rather see this consistent. Could we also list the "Browse by topic" as well? The "Featured Articles" layout seem to be our attempt to copy what other Wikis are doing. Are all of the good ideas already taken? Do we not have any other creativity? To me, just listing the article title is not as inviting to read the article. It would seem that a teaser may be more inviting. To me, the page is in general not terribly inviting. Yes, I realize that it may be all temporary though. Thomas_Lerman 17:50, 16 April 2010 (UTC)