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Does the Norway page discuss how to interpret dates on old Church records? This link will explain what I mean.

How can an article be included? It contains these links

Another place for date help and meanings

ecclesiastical dates in any given year

one page calendar for any year - handy for county dates from a holiday

The article also mentions a free app called Catholic Calendar.

I don't understand the most recent change where the Online Resources were brought to the top of the page and greatly expanded. This page is about a record type, in this case Norway Church Records. I've always thought of this type of page as a new chapter in a book which doesn't begin by throwing a bunch of links at the reader. If it's going to be changed, lets look to Wikipedia for example. The Norwegian Wikipedia page on church records begins with the contextual information Church books in Norway, see Then tell the user about a record, before providing links to where they can find records. The user needs to understand context before using records, not the other way around. This change was disappointing as it reflects one teams perspective on how they think information should be presented. Why wasn't there a discussion on the Talk page before making this change?

MorrisGF (talk) 07:57, 16 May 2020 (MDT)