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The images for this collection year 1918 ends with image 1829 at July 3 1918 all the rest of images are missing for that year

Then it starts again with a new book roll #243 with Nacimientos #7 that takes us to Book #46 that covers March 1919 to Jan 1920 The book has an alfabetical indice at image 1824-1856 with page out of sequence and some in bad shape.  March 5 1919 the book starts at Image 1857 with the date March 5 1919 at folio #1.

So in reality all image from July 4 1918 to March 4 1919 are missing fom this Adjuntas Collection 1922-1914 

ANSWER: The KI wiki will be appropriately updated by FamilySearch Historical Records personnel to address this issue of missing pages.