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We would like to remove the section that discusses surname indexes and replace it with some text that links users to each county's list of surname indexes in the Family History Library.  These are Jordon Glew's reference book information that is now available on wiki pages for each county.  For example, go to

Would anyone like to make any suggestions before we do this?

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Online Resource/Quick Links[edit source]

To Beccac1229:

I've seen your message on my user talk page. Obviously FS's opinions and plans are very significant and important on this wiki but this is still a public wiki and other users are allowed to present differing opinions.

I have no problem with a "Quick Links" section at the top of each Scotland page. I suggest the term "Quick Links" to make it clear that this section is just a summary of what is available: full details are in the article.

What I don't don't want to happen is what occurred about 2 years ago when a user or group of users edited many articles so that the opening section was a long list of weblinks without much explanation or context. See for example the 24 Sep 2016 version of the page "England Church Records" In my view there's little good in listing websites without explaining it.

So overall, I support your project provided the lists are short (just the major and important websites) and it is made clear this is just a quick summary with full details to follow in the rest of the article (i.e. not named Online Resources: this gives the impression this section is the full details and not a summary). --Av85647 (talk) 20:27, 18 July 2018 (UTC)