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The link to the "A Research Guide for Beginners," by Rosemary Dixon-Smith page no longer exists

I have written an email to MS Doxon-Smith requesting a current link. The address is 3 years old--lets see what happens, Klk3 18:52, 3 July 2012 (UTC)

Thank you for checking on this!
I have another correction that needs to be made. Under Research Tools- the link to Ancestry24 is great- except that it is a paid site-- I didn't think so until I started to use it. There are 3 options for "upgrade"- it is very expensive. Thank you for your work on the Wiki!

Ms Dixon-Snith responded promptly with an alternative link to her work. Thanks for pointing this out to uss, as the material is not a general introduction to research, rather it is beginning South African research.
   In regards to the paid site, I note thet there are other paid sites. We'll work on identifying those and tagging them so readers will know up fornt that they are paid sites.
   It would be helpful if you indented your comments and signed your comments. Instructions for doing so are on the Help:Talk Pages
   Thank you for pointing out these problems; it helps to keep the wiki alive and useful to patrons.