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Talk:United States Probate Records

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This is the Talk page for the U.S. Probate portal. As we work to put it together, we welcome ideas, suggestions, and feedback.

The "Types of Records" Section[edit source]

The components of the Types of Probate Records section comes from "The Source" edited by Lou Szucs and Sandra Leubking, 3rd edition. Chapter 7 covers court records and probate. Because there are so many probate documents, table 7-1 has a Checklist of Documents Produced by Probate Courts. The list works well because it covers all of the documents.

The list has problems because the headings are not standard and may mean different things to different people. Users of the wiki may expect some terms on the list that aren't there. For some of the common types of records, I put in another box on the portal page. We're still experimenting and certainly can link from one page to another. Any feedback is welcome here.

David Samuelson suggested some other records, so I put them below the list. They all deal with land and property and perhaps the heading should say that instead of saying "Other".