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You can use this template by filling out the FAQ Page form

Design Considerations for FAQ Page[edit source]

Should Faqquestion (the property) be of type 'page' or type 'text'? That depends in part on whether we would ever want simple formatting in faqquestion ('page' doesn't do formatting while 'text' retains any wiki markup); it also depends in part on whether we would want Service Links for Faqquestion (probably not).

Inferencing is another topic that should be considered. While pages (and only pages) support this, it's not expected that we would need this for FAQ Questions. In fact, we could well want the title to be distinct from the Question in cases where there are more than a single question per page. So, it's probably best to just make sure that the page title and the faqquestion do not end with a question mark. This requirement is an external requirement due to Google's implementation of FAQPage. They could have allowed URLencoded characters like %3F.

See also: https://www.semantic-mediawiki.org/wiki/Help:Inverse_properties