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Purpose[edit source]

A simple "feedback" posting which supplies links to the feedback page.

Input parameters[edit source]

Parameter #1[edit source]

The first input parameter controls the vertical position of the template. The vertical position defaults to zero so it is normally determined by the placement of the template.

  • This template can be positioned downward by entering a positive number as shown below.
  • It can be positioned upward from its point of placement on the page by using a negative number as shown here.
  • Note that the input parameter should be a number, and does not end with px.

Parameter #2[edit source]

The second input parameter controls the "left" attribute (the pixel position from the left side of page).

  • The template width is approximately 240 pixels therefore using an input parameter of 400 (the default) would position the template at the right side of the standard 640 pixel wide page.
  • This parameter will shift the template either to the left or right by accepting a number which represents the position of the left side of the template from the left side of the page.
  • For example, The coding below will move the template to 5 pixels off the page's left side where the initial "0" is the marker (and default) for the first parameter.

Internal links[edit source]

The notepad image and the words "Wiki Feedback" currently link to FamilySearch_Wiki:Feedback