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This template is called by several different templates (listed below) in order to print a link or links in a bullet lists based on the number of links passed into this template. The number of links passed in should match the number of links listed in Number of search link.

Note: Until a loop extension has been installed on the wiki, the most links that this template can handle is 5. Hooks are in place to check login status, however, this is not yet implemented.

List of templates that call this template:

Template:GuidedResearch Start Here
Template:GuidedResearch Why No Record
Template:GuidedResearch Next Step

Code example:

{{GR print link|
  Number of search links=3|   <!-- this must match the number of links provided -->
  Search link 1=|
  Website 1=FamilySearch|
  Search link 2=|
  Website 2=Ancestry|
  Search link 3=|
  Website 3=FindMyPast|
  Search link 4=|
  Website 4=|
  Search link 5=|  <!-- up to 5 links until extension:loops is added to wiki -->
  Website 5=|