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This template allows a help navigational template to be set up relatively quickly by supplying it one or more lists of links.

Usage[edit source]

|name    = 

|group1  = 
|list1   = 

|group2  = 
|list2   = 


|group10 = 
|list10  = 

Parameters[edit source]

Mandatory[edit source]

The name of the template appears centred in the top row of the table.
(i.e. list1, list2, etc.) The body of the template, usually a list of links. Format is inline, although the text can be entered on separate lines if the entire list is enclosed within <div> </div>. At least one list parameter is required. Each listn may be preceded by a corresponding groupn parameter, if provided (see below). There is a limit of 10 lists/groups in a template.

Optional[edit source]

(i.e. group1, group2, etc.) If specified, text appears in a header displayed above listn.
first param
inline CSS for the table

Layout of table[edit source]

Table generated by {{helpbox}} parameters:

{{{list3}}} without {{{group3}}}

Example[edit source]

|name=[[:Category:FamilySearch Wiki official policy|FamilySearch Wiki policy]]
|group1=Article standards
[[FamilySearch Wiki:Neutral point of view|Neutral point of view]]<br />[[FamilySearch Wiki:Verifiability|Verifiability]]<br />[[FamilySearch Wiki:No original research|No original research]]<br />[[FamilySearch Wiki:Biographies of living persons|Biographies of living persons]]
|group2=Working with others
[[FamilySearch Wiki:Civility|Civility]]<br />[[FamilySearch Wiki:Consensus|Consensus]]<br />[[FamilySearch Wiki:No personal attacks|No personal attacks]]<br />[[FamilySearch Wiki:Dispute resolution|Dispute resolution]]<br/>[[WP:LEGAL|No legal threats]]
|group3=Global principles
[[FamilySearch Wiki:What FamilySearch Wiki is not|What FamilySearch Wiki is not]]<br />[[FamilySearch Wiki:Ignore all rules|Ignore all rules]]
FamilySearch Wiki policy
Article standards
Neutral point of view
No original research
Biographies of living persons
Working with others
No personal attacks
Dispute resolution
No legal threats
Global principles
What FamilySearch Wiki is not
Ignore all rules