Tracing southern roots

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The Southern Family Historian Blog[edit | edit source]

Visit The Southern Family Historian! Do you need help with tracing and preserving your family history?  Well, you have come to the right place. Just follow along with us from the first post to the last as we provide help to tracing and preserving your Southern heritage.

  1. Learn how to begin researching your family history.
  2. Discover several free online resources and software.
  3. Learn principles to stay organized.
  4. Decide on what format to share your findings with your family.
  5. Apply techniques to move past those brick walls.
  6. Digitize photographs and documents, and store in a safe place.

Please feel free to post your questions or helpful comments. We are also anxious for you to share your successes. Preserving my family's stories and photos has been such a rewarding experience. Each of us has a strong desire to know more about ourselves. I have found that I possess some of the same talents and strengths as did my forebears. I find joy in helping others trace and preserve heritage.