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Ukrains'ka RSR admynystrativno-teritoryal'nii podyl [Ukrainian Republic Administrative Territorial Divisions]. Kiev: Politychnaia Literatura Ukraini, 1973. (Book 947.71 E5u). Lists each village, town, or city under its appropriate jurisdiction. The text is in Ukrainian. It includes a locality index. While this administrative directory is published for other years, the 1973 edition is the basis for locality authorities created for the FamilySearch Catalog.

Istoriia Mist i Sil USSR [History of Towns and Villages in the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic]. Kiev: Instytut Istorii Akademii Nauk URSR, 1969-1974. 26 v. Encyclopedia of Ukraine (missing vols. for Rivne, Chemivets at the Family History Library). (Book 947.71 E5i). Along with a basic history for each locality, this set of books provides invaluable information on name changes. The text is in Ukrainian. Each volume is indexed.

Western Ukraine
Lenius, Brian J. Genealogical Gazetteer of Galicia. 3rd ed. Anoia, Manitoba, 1999. (Book 943.86 E5L). Identifies religious jurisdictions. Covers Galicia & Bukovina (Western Ukraine).

Western Ukraine/German names
Bigo, Jan. Najnowszy Skorowidz wszystkich miejscowości z przysiółkami w królestwie Galicyi (Newest Listing of All Localities With Hamlets in Galicia). Lwów, 1897. Includes Bukowina. (Film 2037058, item 3-4). Identifies the German spelling of place names in territory occupied by the Soviet Union after World War II.

Western Ukraine/Polish names
Bystrzycki, Tadeusz. Skorowidz mieiscowosci rzeczypospolitej polskiej (Listing of Localities of the Polish Republic). Przemysl: Wydawnictwa ksiaznicy naukowej, 1934. 2 vols. (Book 943.8 E5sm/Film 1343868). Covers localities under Polish jurisdiction between the world wars.