United States, World War I Draft Registration Records, Inventory National Archives at College Park

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Additional information about the following Selective Service System collections from Record Group 163 will be found in the National Archives Catalog "Online Line Public Access "OPA" with the National Archives Identifier "NAID" number.

NAID Collection:RG 163 Records of the Selective Service System Location Notes
1157752 General Files, 1917-1919 College Park
1157755 State Files, 1917-1919 College Park
1157758 General Correspondence, 1917-1919 College Park
1157764 Office Files, 1917-1919 College Park
1157783 Alien Correspondence Files, 1917-1918 College Park
1157904 Index to the Series "Alien Correspondence Files, 1917-1918" College Park
1157905 Passport Files, 1917-1918 College Park
1157909 Historical Files, 1917-1919 College Park
1157911 Subject Index, 1917-1919 College Park
1157916 Person and Place Index, 1917-1919 College Park
1157919 Foreign Country Index, 1917-1919 College Park
1157924 General Index, 1917-1919 College Park
1157931 Orders to State Draft Executives, 1917-1919 College Park
1157933 Local Board Experience Files, 1917-1919 College Park
1157935 Forms Files, 1917-1919 College Park
1157939 Newspaper Clippings, 1917-1919 College Park
1157943 Information Files on Court Decisions, 1917-1918 College Park
1157945 Complaints Files, 1917-1919 College Park
1157946 List of United States Residents Serving in the British Expeditionary Forces, 1917-1919 College Park
1157734 Lists of United States Residents Serving in the Canadian Expeditionary Force and Australian Imperial Force, 1917-1918 College Park
1159398 Lists of American Registrants Living Abroad, 1917-1918 College Park
18503702 Lists of Local Boards and Appointed Board Members, 6.2.1917-3.17.1919 College Park
18522140 Lists of Volunteer Registrars, 6.4.1917-2.8.1919 College Park
20761265 Lists of Members of Registration Boards, 1917-1917 College Park
20761247 Lists of State Members of Registration Boards, 1917-1917 College Park
20761261 Supplemental Orders for Local Boards Recommended by Governors, 8.4.1917-4.19.1919 College Park
20761248 Lists of District Boards and Their Members, 1917-1918 College Park
20761249 Lists of Labor and Agricultural Advisors to State Boards, 1917-1918 College Park
20761250 Lists of Recommended Members of District Boards, 1917-7.15.1919 College Park
20761251 Lists and Supplemental Orders of District Boards, 1917-1918 College Park
20761266 Supplemental Orders of Appointments for Substitutions on District Boards, 7.13.1917-3.6.1919 College Park
20761269 Lists of Members of Medical Advisory Boards, 12.1917-11.1918 College Park
20761252 Supplemental Order for Appointments and Substitutions for Medical Advisory Boards, 9.3.1918-3.6.1919 College Park
20761253 Reports and Data Files on Medical Advisory Boards, 1917-1918 College Park
20761262 Records Relating to Members of Legal Advisory Boards, 1917-1918 College Park
20761254 Supplemental Orders for Substitutions on Legal Advisory Boards, 12.8.1917-2.8.1919 College Park
20761255 Lists of Medical Examiners for the Draft Boards, 9.1918-11.1918 College Park
20761267 Lists of Boards and Board Members of the Boards of Instruction, 1918-1918 College Park
1159401 Financial Statistics of the Selective Service System, 1917-1919 College Park
1159403 Lists of Men Ordered to Report to Local Board for Military Duty in the District of Columbia, 1917-1918 College Park
1159404 Lists of Delinquents and Deserters in the District of Columbia, 1917-1919 College Park
1159407 Index to Delinquents and Deserters Reports by the Montreal Consulate, 1917-1919 College Park
20761270 Appeals to the President, 1917-1918 College Park
1184500 Chronicles, 1917-1919 College Park
1184503 Records of Individual Registrants, 1917-1919 College Park Surnames A through D
1184505 Precedent Files, 1919-1939 College Park
1184508 Index to the Series "Precedent Files, 1919-1939" College Park
20761256 Records of Local Board Accounts for Quotas, 1918-1918 College Park
20761263 Card Files of Individual Registrants and Their Local Boards, 1917-1919 College Park