United States World War I Infantry DIvisions

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  • World War I Infantry Divisions

Type of Service

  • Regulars= Regular Army
  • National Guard
  • National Army = Draft

Division Type of Service Camp Locality State(s) from Which Drawn
1st Division Regulars France Regulars
2nd Division Regulars France Regulars
3rd Division Regulars North Carolina, Greene Regulars
4th Division Regulars North Carolina, Greene Regulars
5th Division Regulars Texas, Logan Regulars
6th Division Regulars Alabama, McClellan Regulars
7th Division Regulars Texas, MacAarthur Regulars
8th Division Regulars California, Fremont Regulars
9th Division Regulars Alabama, Sheridan Regulars
10th Division Regulars Alabama, Funston Regulars
11th Division Regulars Maryland, Meade Regulars
12th Division Regulars Massachusetts, Devens Regulars
13th Division Regulars Washington, Lewis Regulars
14th Division Regulars Michigan, Custer Regulars
15th Division Regulars Texas, Logan Regulars
16th Division Regulars California, Kearny Regulars
17th Division Regulars Louisiana, Beauregard Regulars
18th Division Regulars Texas, Travis Regulars
19th Division Regulars Iowa, Dodge Regulars
20th Division Regulars South Carolina, Sevier Regulars
26th Division National Guard Massachusetts, Devans New England
27th Division National Guard South Carolina, Wadsworth New York
28th Division National Guard Georgia, Hancock Pennsylvania
29th Division National Guard Alabama, McClellan New Jersey,Virginia,Maryland,District of Columbia
30th Division National Guard South Carolina, Sevier Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina
31st Division National Guard Georgia, Wheeler Georgia,Alabama,Florida
32nd Division National Guard Texas, MacArthur Michigan, Wisconsin
33rd Division National Guard Texas, Logan Illinois
34th Division National Guard New Mexico, Cody Nebraska,Iowa,S. Dakota,Minnesota, N. Dakota
35th Division National Guard Oklahoma, Doniphan Missouri,Kansas
36th Division National Guard Texas, Bowie Texas,Oklahoma
37th Division National Guard Ohio, Sheridan Ohio
38th Division National Guard Mississippi, Shelby Indiana,Kentucky,West Virginia
39th Division National Guard Louisiana, Beauregard Arkansas,Mississippi,Louisiana
40th Division National Guard California, Kearny California,Colorado,Utah,Arizona, New Mexico
41st Division National Guard California, Fremont Various States
42nd Division National Guard New York, Mills Various States
76th Division National Army Massachusetts, Devens New England, New York
77th Division National Army New York, Upton New York City
78th Division National Army New Jersey, Dix Western New York, New Jersey, Delaware
79th Division National Army Maryland, Meade Northeastern Pennsylvania, Maryland, District of Columbia
80th Division National Army Virginia, Lee Virginia, West Virginia, Western Pennsylvania
81st Division National Army South Carolina, Jackson North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Porto Rico
82nd Division National Army Georgia, Gordon Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee
83rd Division National Army Ohio,Sherman
84th Division National Army Kentucky, Zachary Taylor Kentucky, Indiana, Southern Illinois
85th Division National Army Michigan, Custer Michigan,Eastern Wisconsin
86th Division National Army Illinois, Grant Chicago, Northern Illinois
87th Division National Army Arkansas, Pine Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Southern Alabama
88th Division National Army Iowa, Dodge North Dakota,Minnesota,Iowa,Western Illinois
89th Division National Army Kansas, Funston Kansas,Missouri,South Dakota,Nebraska
90th Division National Army Texas, Travis Texas,Oklahoma
91st Division National Army Washington, Lewis Alaska,Washington,Oregon,California,Idaho,Nebraska,Montana,Wyoming, Utah
92nd Division National Army Kansas, Funston Colored, various states
93rd Division National Army Virginia, Stuart Colored, various states