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Formatting Guidelines for Research Wiki[edit | edit source]

Databases[edit | edit source]

Although, there is no one absolute way to list a database in the Wiki, the following are some guidelines that can help make the list of databases user-friendly for users.

Database on Multiple Websites[edit | edit source]

Occasionally, FamilySearch will share databases with partner websites. Below is an example of the preferred way to list a database that is the same across multiple websites.


Elements should include:

  1. Bullet list: Start the database link with a bullet
  2. List Dates: If the database has dates listed, bring them to the front of the line for easy review for patrons to see which database might apply to their research goal.
  3. Hyphen and bold: Use a hyphen between the dates and bold the dates
  4. Exact title: When it is possible, list the exact title of the database in the clickable link to the database
  5. List website: To help let the user know what website/company provides the database, put "at" and the name of the website. You can also link the name of the website to a general search page or main page.
  6. Index/Images: Add whether the database contains an index, images or both. Place that after an m-dash.
  7. Other info: And any additional notes that would be helpful for users to know about this database. That can include a note like, incomplete. Or, information about the localities it covers if it's not stated in the database name.
  8. ($): If the database is on a subscription website, indicate it by putting a dollar sign in parenthesis ($) at the very end of the database link. If you are on a databases for England, you can add a p (link to the manual of style listing the other currency options.)

Historical Records database[edit | edit source]

Specific to FamilySearch Historical Records Collections:

  1. RecordSearch template: Instead of an external link, use the RecordSearch template to for any FamilySearch Historical Records databases.
  2. How to Use this Collection: Create an internal link to the Historical Records Collection Wiki page for users to easily access the information about the collection.

NOTE: add to the Wiki the templates used for FS collections

Probate Records[edit | edit source]

Online Probate Records