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For information about records for non-Christian religions in COUNTRY, go to the Religious Records page.

CHURCH/DENOMINATION Records[edit | edit source]

Add all significant Christian denomination onto this page. Put them in alphabetical order. For minor denominations with only a handful of members, list them under a "Other Denominations" heading. Each of these denominations will have the following subheadings:

The "Other Denominations" Heading will not have the following subheadings."

Go to South African Church Records for an example.

How to Find the Records[edit | edit source]

Add any information pertaining to where the physical records are kept (such as in national archives or individual parishes), how they can be accessed (such as the contact information), and any other information or resources the patron may need to locate the records.

Online Resources and Websites[edit | edit source]

If there are online records, add this subheading. Underneath heading add links (in bullet points) to the various online databases or collections or websites where church records can be found.

To find this information, go to:

Historical Background[edit | edit source]

Add the history of the church in the country (including the efforts of missionaries) and the record keeping practices of the church.

Information Recorded in the Records[edit | edit source]

Add each record type kept by the church (usually baptism, marriage, burial, and sometimes membership records). Bold the record type.

Underneath each record type add bullet points of the information found in each record.

References[edit | edit source]