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A Barn-Raising is a monthly activity the entire community can participate in, every month it changes based on the community's needs. See what's happening!

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When you have a question about contributing to the wiki, you can:

Ask a Question

  • Contact Family Search by email and make sure you put Wiki in the title of your message.
  • Get involved with the Wiki Community through the areas listed below.

Request Individual Training

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  • Mentoring - Request an individual work with you as you get started
Report a Problem


Contact FamilySearch any time you have a problem in the wiki. Following are a few specific examples:
  • Technical problemssuch as page editing not working correctly, problems with logging in, wiki bugs, etc. See theWiki Known Issues for more information.
  • Problems with communicating with others, or being unable to work out differences of opinion on your own. See the FamilySearch Wiki:Dispute resolution process for more information.
  • Serious violations of wiki scope or policy. Many violations can be handled by community members, but more serious issues may need to be brought to the attention of FamilySearch. See Wiki policies for more information.

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