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Counties[edit | edit source]

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Beginner's Corner[edit | edit source]

Have you ever wondered about one of your English ancestors, perhaps your great grandpa? Do you know when or where he was living, or perhaps the place and date of his birth? Your curiosity about him motivates you to want to know more. Do you know where to start to find information? 

Start by asking your relatives what they remember about him. Write down what you learn. Some family stories are based in fact and should be considered. Perhaps you will only have an approximate time and place. The Beginner’s Corner links to information that will help you get started. Choose from one of the following:

Featured Content[edit | edit source]

Ideas for Finding Compiled Information on English Ancestry[edit | edit source]

Here's an article titled "A Checklist of Compiled Sources & Where to Find Them" that's specifically geared toward researchers who seek to learn of already compiled genealogical data on (i.e. immigrant) ancestry from England.